Regional Transportation Planning Funds

The Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OahuMPO) partners with eligible government agencies to fund regional transportation planning studies that align with the goals and priorities identified in the OahuMPO’s biennial Overall Work Program (OWP) and Oahu Regional Transportation Plan.

OahuMPO’s federal funding plans require local matching funds equal to 20% of the total cost of the planning activity.  OahuMPO is interested in working with local and State agencies, and non-governmental agencies to identify possible sources of matching funds that will enable OahuMPO to leverage its full apportionment of planning funds.

OahuMPO’s OWP for FYs 2026-2027 will be developed starting in August 2024 with Policy Board approval of short term regional planning priorities that will set the policy direction for the funding of transportation planning activities in the upcoming OWP cycle.

To learn more about OahuMPO’s funding of transportation planning activities, review the  current Overall Work Program page and the Planning Studies page.