(2010) Strategies for Energy Efficiencies in Transportation (SEET)

This study surveyed a representative sample of 1,536 adult residents in the four counties of the State of Hawai‘i to understand their attitudes and behaviors and to gauge their preferences for and sensitivities to various energy-efficiency strategies in transportation. More specifically, the study asked the following questions:

  •  To what extent did high fuel prices in the past affect travel behavior?
  • Will higher fuel prices in the future spur: (a) purchase of smaller and/or fuel-efficient and/or alternative fuel vehicles; (b) greater use of alternative modes of motorized (e.g., fixed guideway, city buses, motor bikes, carpools and vanpools) and non-motorized (e.g., bicycles, walking) travel; and (c) adjustments in lifestyle and daily travel behavior (e.g., four-day work week, telecommuting, mixed-use, high density community living)?

This study was completed in June 2010.