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Meet Mark.

Mark is responsible for all the functions under the direction of the Policy Board and provides day-to-day supervision and management of the OahuMPO staff.

Mark Garrity

Executive Director

Meet Danelle.

Danelle maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures. Danelle also provides staff support to the Policy Board.

Danelle Miyahara

Office Manager

Meet Veronica.

Veronica "Roni" provides administrative support to the Office Manager and Executive Director.

Veronica Schack

Office Administrator

Meet Nicole.

Nicole "Nicki" is responsible for the maintenance of the Overall Work Program (OWP) and provides staff support to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Nicole Smith

Planning Program Manager

Meet Joel.

Joel is responsible for procurement and accounting activities.

Joel Vincent


Meet Samantha.

Samantha "Sam" provides staff support to the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) and oversees community engagement efforts at the OahuMPO.

Samantha Lara

Senior Community Planner

Meet Dallas.

Dallas is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Dallas Ige

Senior Transportation Planner

Meet Zakari.

Zakari "Zak" conducts analysis of transportation problems, issues, and policies. Zak oversee the development the long-range plan and its related processes.

Zakari Mumuni

Senior Transportation Planner

Meet Kiana.

Kiana provides technical transportation planning services to Oahu, including development of the long-range transportation plan and the monitoring of regional planning studies.

Kiana Otsuka

Senior Transportation Planner

Meet Chelsea.

Chelsea provides technical transportation planning services to Oahu.

Chelsea Dau

Transportation Planner

Meet Maile.

Maile conducts modeling, data collection, analysis, and management activities. Maile also maintains the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Maile Greenhill

Transportation Planner

Meet Lily.

Lily conducts a variety of planning related activities including research and report writing, and helps lead community engagement through social media and website management.

Lily Zheng

Transportation Planner

Meet Landon.

Landon supports OahuMPO staff in preparing and executing community engagement plans, planning studies, and other work products.

Landon Lee

Planning Intern