Publications and Reports

This report is the product of statewide task force which was mandated by the State legislature to review existing state and county highway design standards and guidelines and to provide recommendations as the State moves forward with adopting Complete Streets standards and policies.

The study explores the launch of a bike share program for Honolulu and identifies an organizational model for operating and running the Honolulu Bikeshare system.

The purpose of this report is to deliver the condition of the City streets in a database for study and planning. The information is provided through the City’s MicroPAVER™ program, using the internationally accepted Pavement Condition Index (PCI), a rating based on the type, severity, and quantity of a set of pavement distresses identified on the road surface that contribute to road degradation.

The purpose of the Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan is to improve transportation options for older adults, individuals with disabilities, and persons with low incomes through improved coordination of all publicly funded transportation on Oahu.

OahuMPO has developed a framework to coordinate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) based on using real-time information to reduce traffic delays and improve safety across the transportation system.