(2015) Honolulu Urban Core Parking Master Plan

The purpose of this work element was to conduct an on-street and off-street “public parking” survey in the Honolulu urban core for the purpose of assessing existing and future parking (on-street and off-street) supply and demand.

Responsible Agency: Department of Transportation Services, City & County of Honolulu

The Executive Summary, Parking Meter System Definition Report and Tasks 3-6 were completed by August 2010.
Tasks 7-8 were complete in June 2015.

Executive Summary (PDF)
Parking Meter System Definition Report (PDF)
Task 3 – Monetization Analysis (PDF)
Task 4 – Parking Market and Financial Analysis (PDF)
Task 5 – Honolulu Comprehensive Parking Study Update (PDF)
Task 6 – Condition Assessment (PDF)
Task 7 – Parking Rate Study (PDF)
Task 8 – Waikiki Parking Meter Study and Pricing Plan (PDF)