OahuMPO Staff Facilitate Community Outreach at Mid-Pacific Institute

May 3, 2024 | MPO News

On Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3, 2024, Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OahuMPO) staff Kiana Otsuka, Samantha Lara, and Lily Zheng facilitated community outreach with four 11th grade Environmental Systems and Societies classes at Mid-Pacific Institute in Manoa. This outreach event consisted of an informational presentation, interactive activities, and a walk-audit around the Manoa neighborhood to stimulate discussion about their built environment and how to improve pedestrian safety.

OahuMPO staff delivered a presentation that not only introduced transportation planning, but also delved into the pivotal role of the OahuMPO, explored the career opportunities within transportation planning, and examined the critical intersection between climate considerations and transportation. OahuMPO staff hosted an interactive trivia session focused on transportation and environmental topics and offered prizes for participation.

The walk-audit encompassed stretches along University Avenue, Maile Way, Oahu Avenue, and Kaala Street. During this audit, students evaluated the walkability of these locations, assessed the infrastructure’s condition (including sidewalks, bike lanes, and bus stops), and shared their perceptions of safety. Their observations and insights were documented through dedicated worksheets.

At the start of each class, students were asked to identify the mode of transportation they used to get to school that day. After the presentation and walk-audit, they were asked to envision their ideal mode of transportation. Although nearly all students commute by car, many expressed a preference for active and public transportation. The data gathered from this activity will be included as we develop the next long-range transportation plan (2050 Oahu Regional Transportation Plan).

How Mid-Pac Students Get to School vs. How They Want to Get to School

If you would like the OahuMPO to speak at your next event or facilitate a class, please contact us at (808) 587-2015 or oahumpo@oahumpo.org We’d love to discuss how transportation can be incorporated into your discussions.